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How It Got Started

For years, I have served in a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. In 2000, I became a loose-leaf Herbal Tea drinker. I would order the fresh loose leaves from China to make my very own teabags. I had read in a book that the loose leaf gives more nutrients and much more Antioxidants. I even would buy it as a "gift item" and give it out to others that way. Finally, today Nutrition was developed. To give direction to many in a formal yet friendly way to help in understanding more about Nutrition and how to get more nutrition and nutrients from the foods we should have on our dinner or lunch plate or bowl that will enhance one's health and overall wellness. Your Voyage through a pathway to Better Health. There is always room for improvement. This is your time for enhancement. Welcome.


Nutrition Education

Nutrition Irene Jones

Health Coach Certification

Education from: Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Global Institute. Science - Based Training. Accredited and Approved Health Coach Program. Certified Health Coaches Serving in 70 Countries around the world. Dr. Sears, through this program teaches his students about the importance of Optimal Health. What is Optimal Health? It is the "focus on the whole person." To maintain a "substantial body and mind, sleep well, low stress, prioritizing eating clean, nutrient dense -food and drinking water (75% focus), regular exercise (25% focus), and to eat the right diet, lots of fruits and vegetables." Global Institute 70 Countries.

Online Coaching: Completed Online Coaching Platform Course. Taught the Six Course Outline, Overview, the Content, how to teach it to clients or student. Completed. Access to Six Courses to teach to others year-round. All courses and materials through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to me (approved Coaches) for use as Instructor: Health Coach Irene Jones. 

Personal Success Training

Education: Self-Improvement Course
In this training sessions taught key elements in regards to planning and task success and defined "What a Goal is".

Plant - Based Nutrition Certification

Education from: The United Kingdom
The old cliché "You are what you eat" is becoming increasingly relevant to modern-day living. Knowledge gained through the lessons and course modules on the Science of Nutrition and understanding the role of Nutrition. Learning about "How" Science of Nutrition relates to the human body not only helps us plan our meals and consume the right diet but also trains us to avoid unhealthy foods that may increase unhealthy eating and develop unhealthy eating patterns.

Every Day Chinese Medicine

Education from: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Knowledge gained through lessons and courses about Tonifying Herbs. The uses of the different Herbs.  How to apply the individual needs. What food has beneficial Tonifying health benefits and How Qi is a part of one's healing process to maintain and for better optimal health.

Health Concepts in Chinese Medicine

Education from: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Knowledge gained on the process, methods, and technology used in Traditional and Modern Chinese Medicine from ancient times to modern day times.

Breastfeeding Training

Education from: Stanford University School of Medicine
Knowledge gained on issues, questions, answers, concerns, from the lessons and courses centered aroud Breastfeeding Mom's.

Child Nutrition

Education from: Stanford University School of Medicine 
Knowledge gained from the lessons and courses of Healthy Cooking, Nutrients, and Nourishment for Children and Kids.

Food and  Nutrition

Education from: Stanford University School of Medicine 
Knowledge gained from the lessons and courses of Macronutrients & Micronutrients and Processed Foods Teachings.