A Blended Mid-Week Treat

Hello Everyone,

It is Wednesday evening, and I wanted to give you something different to enjoy while learning "something new." I also learned something I did not know before when I learned to make ice cream with a blender.

Many people may think "making ice cream would require an ice cream maker." No, it does not always. You can make it with a Blender. What a way to have something delicious in a few minutes whipped up in a Blender.

You make it with frozen fruit, and Greek Yogurt and it takes only a few minutes. Super Awesome! This Treat is not only Healthy for adults but also for kids. Another way to get

more nutrition into your lifestyle.

How To Make Ice Cream with a Blender?

By Pailin's Kitchen

Did you try this recipe?

Do you like the way the ice cream came out using the Blender?

What fruit did you add? Did you add the honey or put sugar?

Would you recommend this recipe to someone else to try?

Let us know in the "comment section" at the bottom of the page.

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