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Asian Burger

It is Tuesday, the first day of June 2021. Summer is just a few days away, which means Summer Grilling Time! Try my Asian Style Burger. It has a few healthy inclusions.

It only takes a few minutes to make—all you need to make is a grill. We use a grill called "The Ninja Grill," our Family indoor grill on our kitchen countertop.

Goji Berries health benefits high in Antioxidants

Leeks health benefits "high in nutrients"

Onions health benefits "contain antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation"

GOJI BERRIES ALSO KNOWN AS WOLFBERRY (Chinese: 枸杞; pinyin: gǒuqǐ)

Goji Burger

by Irene Jones

Ground Pork

(depending on the number of burgers you are making, measure out enough meat for your total count)

Season with Himalayan Salt pinch

Chinese White Pepper pinch

Chinese Five Spice 1 teaspoon

1 - 2 Leeks sliced

One small onion chopped or diced

Goji Berries 1 Tablespoon wash them to add to meat mixture

Mix all together form one Burger to place onto a grill to cook on both sides

Cook Burger to your liking. I would recommend for Pork cooking it Well Done. It's a suggestion. You can eat the Burger according to your preference. Nutrition Irene Jones