Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition

Nutrition Irene Jones

"Macronutrients provide our bodies with energy, while micronutrients help the body build resistance to disease and keep us healthy."

Eating "The Right Diet" I learned during my training at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute while becoming a Health Coach. He mentioned that individuals people typically think wrong when it comes to eating food. What is a "Right Diet"? Whole Food Nutrition. "To focus on the Whole." What is the Whole? The entire person for optimal health. How? Through Nutrition. What is Nutrition? "The process of the body utilizing food to sustain a quality of life."

Dr. Sears directed each of us to "Think as Food as Medicine." To change our outlook of what we currently see food as, see it from a Science-Based, Health and Wellness mindset. We can no longer see food in the way we did as a student. A Health Coach sees food altogether in a different way. It is now seen as Medicine.

Dr. Sears "Think of food as Medicine - the best prevention pill you'll ever swallow. Health foods are not about self-denial but rather about the promise of enjoying good health."

Dr. Sears help us to know and learn that each individual can make a difference in his or her health for betterment. It starts with how you define "Food." Your outlook on "Food." Your perspective on that one word, "Food." Yes, many people don't stop to think about their outlook on that one word. One main focus when it comes to food is how much of that food you consume. What foods you eat, and what foods you understand to be healthy and not healthy for you.

Eat, Drink, And Be Healthy The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating by Walter C. Willett, MD DrPH with Patrick J. Skerrett in this book "describes a way to eat that is both delicious and healthy." I would suggest getting a better understanding of "Healthy Eating" to consider reading this book for information and more knowledge in Nutrition for overall wellness. It is a book you will find giving a few minutes out of your day will enhance your knowledge on better Nutrition and eating for optimal health.

Health Coach Irene Jones

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

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