What kind of Breakfast is important?

Nutrition Irene Jones


Breakfast is mostly considered some kind of eggs and toast.

There is a kind of Breakfast you should consider eating.

July 8, 2021

Why should you eat Breakfast?

What kind of Breakfast?

Nutrition Irene Jones

During my training at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, we were encouraged to inform clients Families to eat what Dr. Sears calls a "Brainy Breakfast."

What is a Brainy Breakfast? A Brainy Breakfast is a breakfast that includes Grains.

Many people do not include Grains into their eating patterns.

That is something most times is overlooked and not thought about at all.

Eggs are always included in a Breakfast but most likely not Grains.

What are the benefits of a Brainy Breakfast?

Dr. Sears mentions;

  1. Breakfast builds brighter brains

  2. Breakfast promotes better behavior

  3. Breakfast helps control weight

What are Grains?

Are They Good for you?

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