Do You Eat Carrots?

Are you that individual that passes by the carrots in the supermarket?

Do you eat raw carrots as a snack? Nutrition Irene Jones

It is Saturday, and you may not know what you are going to have for lunch. So, I have a weekend lunch suggestion for you to try. It has chicken and vegetables. If you're not an eater of vegetables such as; carrots and peas, you may like this weekend lunch.

I have come across some individuals who are not a liking to carrots or peas. One reason I have heard regarding the peas is because of the sweetness. Some people do not like the sweet taste of a vegetable, and for the carrots, I have listened to other say from time to time I don't eat carrots. The taste is not to my liking; I do not eat them.

Suppose you are that individual who does not add carrots into their shopping list or shopping cart at the supermarket, market, or farmers market. In that case, you may consider trying this weekend lunch suggestion. For my weekend lunch suggestion, you may consider trying this lunch. The carrots and peas are in a light cream sauce with chunks of chicken breast. The "rich and creamy sauce" made with whole milk gives the carrots and peas a taste that you should consider trying. Most people, including myself, find the taste to be delicious!

This lunch is called Chicken Pot Pie. Nutrition Irene Jones

Jenny Can Cook has a recipe many have already tried and found her recipe to be top quality.

If you are thinking about what you will have today, Saturday, for lunch, you may have the ingredients in your Pantry or you maybe are going to the supermarket before you take time to have or make yourself lunch today. Try Jenny Can Cook Chicken Pot Pie Recipe; you may be another satisfied cooking cook like the others who have given her positive feedback about this Chicken Pot Pie Recipe! Nutrition Irene Jones

Chicken Pot Pie

by Jenny Can Cook

To watch the demonstration to learn how to make this weekend lunch suggestion click the play button. Nutrition Irene Jones

Did you try Jenny Can Cook Chicken Pot Pie? How did it come out? Do you like the taste

of the "rich and creamy" sauce made with whole milk combined with the carrots and peas? Would you make it again for another weekend lunch? Would you recommend Jenny Can Cook Chicken Pot Pie to someone else to try? Let us know in the "comment section" at the bottom of this page. Nutrition Irene Jones

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