Eating More Vegetables

It is Friday, June 11, 2021; my schedule for today is the Supermarket. Your Supermarket, Market, Farmers Market shopping day maybe this weekend. When shopping adding more vegetables and eat a little more vegetables than you usually would and usually eat changes you to a Raw Vegan or Vegan. Not so.

I eat a little more vegetables and still eat meats and fruits. When eating, I try to include more nutrients, nutrition, and healthy patterns. I eat raw vegetables and cooked vegetables, both supply and give micronutrients.

Eating more vegetables and adding more vegetables into your shopping cart while shopping at a Supermarket, Market, or Farmer's Market does not classify you as a "Raw Vegan or Vegan." Just a healthy eater! Nutrition Irene Jones

Raw Vegan

  • Vegan with at least 75% uncooked foods

Plant-Based Diet definition

Diet Description:

If you only eat a plant-based protein diet, it is essential to drink more water. "Rich Sources of Plant Protein includes; Pulses, Lentils, Legumes, Nuts, and Low-Fat Dairy Foods."

What are Pulses? In the United Kingdom, Pulses are; Peas, Lentils, and beans. By eating more Pulses and vegetables does not make you a vegetarian. It makes you a healthy eater. Your lifestyle has incorporated a nutrient-dense balance. Nutrition Irene Jones

What do you think about yourself when eating more vegetables than you usually eat. Do you have the same question "Does this now make me a Raw Vegan or Vegan?" Do you eat more cooked vegetables or raw vegetables? Let us know here in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Nutrition Irene Jones

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