Essential Antioxidants

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Red Russian Lettuce

Added Nutrition to Your Food

Important Antioxidants

The question you may ask yourself when you overhear someone tells another person "Add more nutrition to your food". Next, comes to your mind a question "How”? How can I add more nutrition? The answer is quick, simple, easy, and not expensive at all. The next time you shop for grocery add to your grocery list and pick up what is called and known as "Red Russian Lettuce". This lettuce has numerous amounts of added nutrition. If you are having a sandwich, add this lettuce. If you are having meat, mash potatoes with gravy add a side salad with this lettuce. It does not take much to add more nutrition to your food. Just a little effort is all it takes! Irene


Red Leafy Apple Crunch Salad

Ingredients Written By Irene Jones

1 cup of Apples chopped.

1/2 cup of walnuts (optional)

4-5 leaves Red Russian Lettuce Sliced

1/2 cup Carrots Shredded.

1/2 cup Raw Red Onions

4-5 leaves Iceberg Lettuce Sliced


Honey Vinegar Orangeade Dressing

Ingredients Written By Irene Jones

1/2 Cup Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange

1 teaspoon of Raw Honey

1/2 teaspoon of Oregano Herb Spice

Add: a pinch of salt and pepper

Stir all ingredients together.

Pour over salad and enjoy!


Wash your vegetables. Wipe dry with a paper towel. Get a plate or a salad bowl.

As you slice each ingredient you will layer the salad onto the plate or salad bowl you

will use. When I make this salad I layer the iceberg lettuce on the bottom first. Then the raw red onions (thinly sliced). Then I take a few of the apple slices and put them on top of the raw red onions. Next, I put the red Russian lettuce. Now comes the remaining apple slices (right on top of the red Russian lettuce). Then I get the 1/2 cup of carrots and put it on top of the second layer of apple slices. Lastly, I add a 1/2 cup of walnuts to the top (More crunch and nutrients).

Salad Dressings Directions:

Get a mixing bowl and stirring spoon. Next, add in the mixing bowl all the dressing ingredients. Take your stirring spoon and stir all the dressing ingredients together once mixed pour it over the salad and enjoy! Irene




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