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Incite information on improving your health.

Health Coach Irene Jones

Families, Parents, Breastfeeding Moms, Individuals

What is Invigorating?

Invigorating is "Someone who's invigorated is filled with a new sense of energy or excitement. "

It is the new year 2021 now we are on the third day of Summer. At the start of the year, you may have had some health goals set. However, you may not have accomplished those health goals yet. Exercise is not the only set way to improve one's health. It is fantastic to get ten minutes in a day for exercise; let's say your schedule does not allow that ten minutes to enter because you cannot. Your schedule planning just can not fit in exercise for that day. That day becomes more hours than expected of no exercise.

Eating a "Right Food" diet can help to improve health and overall wellness. During my studies at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, he mentioned that many people do not have the "Right Food" diet. What does he mean by the "Right Food" diet? A "better ways to eat." Which is a better way of eating from Dr. Sears's research "A "right" carb diet, not a low-carb diet is best for both adults and children!"

A Healthy start to better health does not include any limitations. Adding in more nutrition, nutrients you can do any day at any time. You have to do it! It does not take much effort. First, think about more fruits and vegetables. Then, when you have lunch or dinner, add in a salad, leafy green vegetables, a vegetable, and for breakfast, add in some fruit, whole grains; just a little goes a long way.

While you are waiting for that time to exercise more and maybe overeating or not eating enough micronutrients can be that time for you to make that adjustment for betterment. Healthy eating patterns help with better health and overall wellness. The old cliché "You are what you eat" is becoming increasingly relevant to modern-day living." Plant-Based Nutrition.

Health Coach Irene Jones

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute