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Nutrition Irene Jones

Thursday, June 24, 2021


My Dad

Nutrition Irene Jones

Something I like to Make with a Juice Maker

Celery Juice

Why is Celery a vegetable I know about and added into my nutrition for nutrients?

My Dad, each and every time he shopped at a supermarket, market, Vegetable Stand, he would always include Celery into his basket or shopping cart. There was not ever a time he would walk by the fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Instead, he stops to shop and puts them into his cart.

Growing up as a toddler, I can remember my Dad bringing home the groceries with Celery, other Fresh Vegetables, and Fresh Fruits. He did not bring home bags of junk food. Instead, he brought in what he knew his children growing up needed for good health and development. That's an Excellent Father. Again, not getting what may have been wanted but what was needed nutrition for nourishment.

Today is June 24, 2021, and last week Sunday was Father's Day. Being a Father, the word to me means just what my Dad was and still is today with me an Invigorator; what he modeled and inaction was the best that he could be from with what his ability was available to him to be.

Nutrition Irene Jones

How Do I Make Celery Juice?

Celery Pear Juice

by Irene Jones

I add in my favorite fruit, which is a Pear.

It is one Pear and 2-3 Celery Stalks Or

two Pears and 5-6 Celery Stalks over ice

depending on the amount I want in a glass

small glass or tall glass. Nutrition Irene Jones

Some Health Benefits of Celery Juice;

High in Antioxidants

Lowers Cholesterol

Natural Inflammatory

Celery reduces inflammatory

High in Vitamins and Minerals


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