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Micronutrient Breakfast

Hello Everyone,

It is Saturday, June 12, 2021, early morning. I just looked at Jenny Can Cook Easy Granola Recipe and thought about telling you about it.

For the rare cooks', sometimes cooks,' all the time cooks,' this easy-to-make Granola is another way to add nutrients into your weekend lifestyle.

During my weekends, I like to enjoy foods I usually do not eat during the weekdays. It is essential to start your day with micronutrients for Breakfast and keep a balanced meal to maintain optimal health.

Warm Granola topped with a fruit salad, yogurt, hot oatmeal, whole-grain cereal with a bit of fresh fruit to start your day will give you that added nutrients.

Another way I like to eat and enjoy warm granola is on top of my favorite ice cream with chocolate fudge, a little fresh fruit, and warm granola on top.

Nutrition Irene Jones

How do you start your day? On Saturday do you start with a hot oatmeal cereal for breakfast? Do you have a piece of fruit for your morning breakfast? Suppose you decide you want to try Jenny's Granola recipe. To learn how to make fresh warm delicious Granola click the play button or write your grocery shopping list of the ingredients Click Here.

Easy Granola Recipe, Best Easiest Granola

Jenny Can Cook

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