Mild Whole - Grain Mustard

Whole-Grain Mustard

"Whole grain mustard is a version of the mustard condiment with the mustard seeds left whole rather than ground."

Benefits of using Whole-Grain Mustard?

"The calcium in whole grain mustard can help slow the loss of bone density and improve bone health." It can also help in children's development.

When selecting a "mustard" to add to your dishes, consider adding Mild Whole-Grain Mustard for the nutrition benefits. It can be added to Potatoe Salad, Cabbage Salad, Chicken Breast, Turkey Wings, put on Whole-Grain Bread. Nutrition Irene Jones

How do you add it to meats? Brush on the Mustard on both sides and lightly grill. The Whole-Grain Mustard is glazed, giving Chicken Breast, Turkey Wings added flavor and more nutrition. Try Mild Whole Grain Mustard. You may keep it a part of your Pantry all year round.

If you decide to try this Mustard. Mild-Whole-Grain Mustard.

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