Monthly Book Highlight

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Nutrition Irene Jones

Monthly Book Highlight

Sometimes, it can be challenging for some people to make a new adjustment when making a Change to Improve Themselves. However, I, by experience, found a way one can succeed without many failures. Which way am I speaking about? Reading a "Self-Help" book. Many books with many titles and information. Once read and looked upon and into, one always gives confidence, encouragement, and direction. Thus, helping to improve the set goal of that individual, in turn encouraging to many individuals over time.

I came across a book that can influence you and help you succeed in adding more nutrients into your Lifestyle, but it's a book that will encourage you to think better when making food selection choices. This book is like a two-in-one "A direction and a reference guide."

Eat for Life: The Breakthrough Nutrition

Author: Joel Fuhrman

Book: Focus Points Nutrition; eat better quality foods.

How? By adding more Nutrients into your Lifestyle.

Joel Fuhrman guides and directs on how to "make better food choices" into your daily Lifestyle. Eat what he calls and mentions "Real Food," eat more "Whole Foods," including Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables.

Book of the Month Highlight

Excellent Reference Book

Health Coach Irene Jones

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