Muscovado or Oligosaccharide?

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Alternative Names for Sugar

During my training at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to become a Health Coach, Dr. Sears List of "Alternative Names for Sugar" was reviewed.

I want to discuss two from Dr. Sears List this morning.

  1. Muscovado Sugar

  2. Oligosaccharide Sweetener

Which is Best?

Which one of the two is healthiest?

What is Muscovado?

" Muscovado sugar is called as a natural, unrefined substitute to the brown sugar. It owes its stout flavor to the impurities that are exposed out of the refined sugars. Though molasses is the most nutritious portion of the sugar cane plant, Muscovado sugar is healthier than normal table sugar."

What Is Muscovado Sugar? Uses and Substitutes

For more information, Click Here.

Oligosaccharide Sweetener

Oligosaccharides are sweet-tasting carbohydrates composed of short chains of sugars. They're found naturally in fruits and starchy vegetables.

( 3 ). The oligosaccharides in Swerve Sweetener are made by adding enzymes to starchy root vegetables.

Is Swerve Sweetener Good or Bad?

For more information, Click Here.


Is Muscovado Sugar Healthiest? Or Oligosaccharides Sweeteners?

Have you used Muscovado Sugar?

How much did you use, for example, 1 Tbsp, 2 Tsp?

In what? Baking Cookies, Cake?

Is Oligosaccharides Swerve Sweetener a part of your Pantry?

Let me know in the "comment section" at the bottom of the page.

Nutrition Irene Jones

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