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Omega 3

Monday, November 8, 2021

Health Coach Irene Jones

Omega 3

What Eggs Do You Get from The Supermarket?

Do you eat eggs? Are eggs a part of your grocery list?

Which eggs do you buy Regular eggs, Brown eggs, or the Omega 3 eggs? Why do you like this egg the best?

A few days ago, I gave you a soup suggestion to consider trying.

The name of the soup is Cabbage Chicken Spice. Many times when making a dish, soup, stew, or stuffed cabbage, the cook may have cabbage leaves left over. Nonetheless, most times, the cabbage leaves may be thrown into the trash bin by the cook and not put aside for later use.

I have a suggestion for you to consider trying with leftover cabbage leaves. If you have a dozen of eggs, this suggestion does not call for a trip to any supermarket or market. The suggestion is to make an Egg Salad to input into the Cabbage Leaves and make a Cabbage Egg Wrap. How to make it?

Cabbage Egg Wrap

by Irene Jones


2 - 3 Boiled Eggs

1 Red Onion (size: small)

1 tsp. Whole Grain Mustard

3 Tbsp. Hellmann's Sandwich Spread

1 Tbsp. Cold Pressed Flax Oil

8 Cherry Tomatoes

4 - 6 Cabbage Leaves

2 Leaves Fresh Cilantro