Oolong Soup Broth

Antioxidants, Boost Energy, Micronutrients

August 25, 2021, Wednesday

Nutrition Irene Jones

Antioxidant Oolong Soup Broth

No Sodium, No Added Sugar

By Irene Jones


2 Raw Celery Stalks

3 Lemongrass

1 Raw Carrot

2 Tbsp. of Black Pepper

1 tsp. of Cumin, Grind

1 Tbsp. of Black Sesame Seeds, Grind

One Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Cups of High-Mountain Oolong Tea


  1. Belgique, Stainless Steel 3-Qt., Soup Pot, Pour in the One Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar.

  2. Turn on Low-Heat and let start to simmer. Add in the 2 Tbsp. of Black Pepper, Stir

  3. Make the High-Mountain Loose Leaf Tea, then Add into the Soup Pot the 2 Cups of High Mountain Tea, Stir.

  4. Grind the One tsp of Cumin, Grind and 2 Tbsp. Of Black Sesame Seeds, Grind. Once you Grind the Seeds with a Grinder, add them into the Soup Pot, Stir.

  5. Wash and Cut into small dice pieces the Lemongrass, add into the Soup Pot, Stir

  6. Peel the One Carrot chop, slice, or dice, add into the Soup Pot, Stir

  7. Let simmer for five minutes.

  8. Wash the 2 Celery Stalks under Cold Water, dry with a paper towel, slice into diced pieces, Stir and continue to simmer.

  9. Let it simmer for another 5 to 10 minutes on low heat. Once done. Add in your Soup items or Strain the Broth and place the Broth into an airtight container or glass jar for later use. Use it within 3 to 4 days after placing it in the Refrigerator. Health Coach Irene Jones. Enjoy!

High-Mountain Oolong Tea Benefits

> Lower Cholesterol Levels

> Improves Teeth and Skin Health

> Boost Energy

> Antioxidants

> Enhances Bone Health

" High mountain tea refers to oolong tea grown in the mountains above 1000 meters above sea level, including Alishan, dayulin, and Lishan."

What is Oolong?

Oolong is " Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea. It's made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to make green tea."

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

" Research suggests that oolong tea may decrease body fat and boost metabolism, reducing the risk of obesity and aiding weight loss. In addition, studies show oolong tea stimulates fat burning and increases the number of calories your body burns by up to 3.4%."

Can You Drink Oolong Tea All Day?

Moderate amount to drink this tea is suggested "4 cups per day."

Oolong Tea and Its Health Benefits

For more information, Click Here.

Black Sesame Seeds

Why Is It Known For Enhancing and Maintaining Good Health?

15 Health Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds Nutrition Benefits

For more information, Click Here.


How did it come out?

Did you add in the Black Pepper?

How long did it take you to make?

Would you make this Broth again?

Let me know what you think after you try it.

Thanks! Health Coach Irene Jones

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