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Refreshing Taste

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Health Coach Irene Jones

Refreshing "Tart Taste"

It is Wednesday mid-week, and I was originally going to speak about a Face Mask I came across made in Australia. Nonetheless, since it is mid-week, I decided to speak about a refreshing tea you may consider trying. This tea that brings refreshment and relaxation is in the form of a Tea Sachet. Basically, it is a larger tea bag that can be input into a hot water teacup for a few minutes before drinking or made as an Iced Tea.

Name of Tea Sachet: Blueberry Hibiscus

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What I like about this Tea Sachet is "Schisandra berries"; the Tart taste comes in. This Tea Sachet has Schisandra Berries. You may find you do not have to add in any sugar or honey for a sweet taste. It is okay without the added sugar or honey; this is what I like about this berry. Health Coach Irene Jones.