Roasted Dandelion

Hello Everyone,

I have something extraordinary to introduce. A beverage new to some, but many are familiar with the ingredients used and the many health benefits received from them for enhancing one's health. The name of this beverage is called Dandelion Ginger Sparkling Botanicals.


Carbonated water, organic ginger, organic lemon, organic roasted dandelion root, organic black lemon, organic kurokoji fermented green tea, organic rosemary, organic tangerine, organic chili peppers, steam-distilled essential oils of lemon and ginger

The Health Benefits of Roasted Dandelion includes liver protection and helping individuals maintain a healthy liver. For additional health benefits and to learn how to make Roasted Dandelion Tea Click Here. Nutrition Irene Jones

For Better Health

It would be best to consider powerful antioxidants to include in your Beverage Display. One excellent beverage is known as Dandelion Ginger Sparkling Beverage by Rishi Tea. It is a Detox Tonic Herb beverage with organic ingredients and beneficial nutrient factors.

For more information on Dandelion Ginger Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi Tea Click Here.

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