Spa Moment

It is Friday, June 18, 2021, and you just may have had a long day or a long week.

Our Spa Moment for today is a Mint Footbath and Message Oil.

The best days to take a few minutes for yourself to relax starts on Friday into the weekend. Nutrition Irene Jones

Spa Moment

Mint Footbath and Message Oil

"After a long day on your feet, try soaking then in this soothing footbath. Then rub the mint oil into your feet to smooth and soften before you go to bed. The mint essential oil also has a refreshing scent."

Mint Footbath and Message Oil


12 large sprigs mint

1/2 cup cold water

10 cups boiling water


1 tbsp almond oil

1 drop mint essential oil

  1. Place the mint in a food processor and add the cold water. Process well until it becomes a green puree. Pour this into a large bowl and add the boiling water. Once the mixture has cooled to a bearable temperature, soak both feet at once until the water is too cool to be comforting

  2. Gently rub your feet dry with a soft towel. Mix the almond oil and the mint essential oil and rub well into both feet

Are you going to try this Mint Footbath and Message Oil? Summer is coming; planning a Family Resort Weekend Vacation? Spas are not only for adults children can go into a Spa as well. They can get a foot soak, get their nails cleaned, a facial such as a face mask, use the swimming pool, kids activities, and relax with Mom and Dad outside the resort with a drink, snack, and water. Nutrition Irene Jones

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