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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

It is Friday, July 30, 2021 evening time. Weekend suggestion for relaxation.

Juniper Berry Oil

Used as a Skin Toner

"Juniper Berry essential oil is known for its ability to act as a natural skin toner and reduce the appearance of skin blemishes. To promote a clear and healthy complexion, apply one drop of Juniper Berry essential oil to your skin. You will love the refreshing look this oil brings to your skin!"

You may not have this oil to try right now. Consider this suggestion and try it one weekend or Friday evening. If you decide to try it on a Friday evening, slice a cucumber into two slices; after you wash your face and apply the Juniper Berry Oil apply the two Cucumber slices over your eyes and relax for 30 minutes. Then remove the cucumbers and dry excess oil from around your eyes with a paper towel.

Health Coach Irene Jones

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