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Spring Mix Coconut Berries Smoothie

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Health Coach Irene Jones


Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals

Health Coach Irene Jones

The other day in the morning, I made a Smoothie. But not just any Smoothie I added in Baby Spring Mix. So, what is Baby Spring Mix? It is an Organic Salad with; baby green leaf lettuce, tango, baby spinach, baby red oakleaf lettuce, baby green oakleaf lettuce, baby red chard, baby green chard, lolla rosa, arugula, mizuna, baby bok choy, tatsol, baby red leaf lettuce, baby red butter.

Supermarket or Market

OrganicGirl Good Clean Greens

Baby Spring Mix

Spring Mix Coconut Berries Smoothie

By Irene Jones

OrganicGirl Baby Spring Mix 1 Handful are Cup

Kale [Frozen] 1 to 2 Handful

Fresh Blackberries [Frozen] 3 to 5 Berries

Mini Cucumbers 2 - 3 wash before use

One 11 to 12 oz of King Coconut Water (not from concentrate)


Blender - Add in all in listed order and Blend

Pour into a Glass and Enjoy!