Thursday Evening Soup

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Health Coach Irene Jones

Thursday Evening Soup

Low-Fat, Low-Calories, Low-Sodium

It is Thursday. Yes, that means evening time soup time!

Easy meal to make, with added nutrients and nutrition.

This soup is one my Dad would like-why? Because it has Turkey in it!

He always purchased at the supermarket, market Turkey Wings.

This month November is the month Thanksgiving Holiday will be celebrated by many people in the United States of America if you are in the USA.

This Soup is easy, has fewer ingredients, and is simple to make.

I call it " Turkey Bean Mung Sprouts." Try it; you just might enjoy it!

Health Coach Irene Jones.

Turkey Bean Mung Sprouts

By Irene Jones


1 Turkey Breast (small & lean)

2 Cup of Mung Beans

1 Cup of Mung Bean Sprouts

1/2 Cup of Corn

3 Cups of Water Cold Water

1 Cup of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tbsp of Onion Powder

1 tsp of Black Pepper

1 Tbsp of Ginger Powder

2 Tbsp of Clarified Butter

[Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels]

*If you have high cholesterol*


  1. Wash the one turkey breast under cold water. Dry with a paper towel. Slice and cut into small bite-size pieces. Set aside.

  2. Add three cups of cold water into a Soup Pot. Simmer on Low-Heat. Once it starts to simmer, add in the small bite-size pieces of the turkey breast. Stir.

  3. Add in the two cups of Mung Beans, Stir.

  4. Add in the 1/2 cup of corn, Stir.

  5. Add in the one tablespoon of onion powder, Stir.

  6. Add in one tablespoon of ginger powder, Stir.

  7. Pour in the one cup of raw apple cider vinegar. Stir.

  8. Continue to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Stir.

  9. Add in one teaspoon of Black Pepper. Stir.

  10. Wash the one cup of Mung Bean Sprouts under cold water, then add into the Soup Pot. Stir.

  11. Simmer for 2-3 minutes, Stir.

  12. Stir in the two tablespoons of Clarified Butter. Stir.

  13. Simmer on Low-Heat for five more minutes. Stir.

  14. Get a Soup Bowl or a Soup Mug

  15. Add in the Turkey Bean Mung Sprouts and Enjoy!

Onion Powder Health Benefits

" Onion Powder is fine and dry while onions are fibrous and bulky even when grated. As a result, you can get smoother soups and sauces with onion powder than you can with fresh onion. It will also blend into dishes more readily. In addition, onion powder’s reduced fiber and pungency may make it more easily digestible for people who have trouble with onions."

Mung Bean Health Benefits

  1. Packed With Healthy Nutrients

  2. High Antioxidant Levels May Reduce Chronic Disease Risk

  3. Antioxidants Vitexin and Iso vitexin May Prevent Heat Stroke

  4. May Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol Levels, Reducing Heart Disease Risk

  5. Rich in Potassium, Magnesium, and Fiber, Which May Reduce Blood Pressure

For more information, Click Here.

Clarified Butter Health Benefits

Also known as Ghee, " 1. Lowers the cholesterol level Clarified butter contains a rich amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which increases the antioxidant enzyme activities."

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