Time To Grill!

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Tomorrow is the 4th of July Holiday

Grilling Time!

Many Grills come out to Grill food, mostly Chicken on this Holiday.

March 2021

BBQ Sauce Contest for more information Click Here

Presented by Smithfield, Virginia, in the United States,

"American Royal Backyard BBQ & Steak contest, presented by Smithfield, hosted at the American Royal Complex in the West Bottoms on March 12-13, 2021."

In this part of Virginia, in Smithfield, there is a saying, "Everything Taste Better with Meat." Growing up, Virginia was a place my Dad took us to for traveling. I know someone who likes taking drives down to Virginia. Most times the weather is sunny and a lot of things to do for Families and individuals.

If you are in Virginia, you may already have your BBQ Sauce made and ready for Grilling on this Holiday. Or, you may be a shopper and buy a few bottles at your local supermarket. Around this 4th of July Holiday, the Original BBQ Sauce goes fast in supermarkets and the Organic BBQ Sauce in Markets.

Once you have the Pantry and homemade sauces, it's either Grilled Chicken or Bake Chicken. So many times, growing up in my family, we would have both. Dad would be on the Grill while Mom is in the Kitchen Baking and Bake Chicken is not left off the menu of Baking. The 4th of July is a day full of food, entertainment, family fun, and enjoyment.

Nutrition Irene Jones


What are you having this 4th of July with your family or just yourself?

Grilling, Baking, or Both?

Grilling Chicken?

How do you make your Grill Chicken?

How long do you grill the chicken on top of the grill?

What makes your grill chicken the best Chicken ever tasted?

Baking Chicken?

When baking your chicken, do you use a rub before?

Do you add seasoning salt to your chicken?

Or is it a spice?

What makes your baked chicken different and delicious?

Let us know here on the Forum. Nutrition Irene Jones

Have an excellent Holiday!

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