Travel or Vacation?

Many people when it comes close to the end of Summer in the United States of America

either take time out for themselves or travel with Family or Friends.

I have taken a day, or two maybe three for a Vacation. It is now in the United States of America September 2 2021 the Summer Time will be coming to an end in a few days.

This Time of year beginning the last two weeks of August into the first two weeks of September people take a few days for Relaxation and some Enjoyment for yourself, or with Family and Friends.

Australia AU

Fiji Spa

Suggestion for Relaxation

Health Coach Irene Jones

Have you taken time out for a Foot Soak?

Have you taken any time out for yourself for Relaxation or just a few minutes of Enjoyment?

If you plan on traveling, yourself, or with your Family, think about Fiji Spa

Family Resort in Australia. You can have their Foot Soak, which is known as "in Paradise." Yes, the Foot Soaks at the Fiji Spa Resort is known as "Soak In Paradise" Why? Because it is generally under the sun, and the reflection is like being in Paradise.

Fiji Spa also has available Body Scrubs for your skin.

These Body Scrubs have Health Benefits. One to mention for you to consider and think about is called Welet/Vadra.

These Scrubs have what is called "Enzymes," meaning this Body Scrub can rejuvenate your skin.

For More Information

Fiji Resort "Welet/Vadra"

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