Tuesday Evening Refresher

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tuesday Evening Refresher

Nutrition Irene Jones

There is a tea I like to drink the name of the tea is "Elderberry Healer." The first time I tasted this tea, I was so impressed that the tea tasted sweet without adding in any sweetener. I usually like to drink beverages with little or less sugar, which is a prevention eating pattern I developed as a little girl growing up. However, this tea became my Favorite because it has health benefits, and you do not need to add sugar to it to enjoy it.

I got the tea online, and it has "Organic ginger root, elderberries, organic hibiscus flowers, organic licorice root. Name Elderberry Healer Tea Sachet, Caffeine Free, Organic.

One thing I add into this tea which is not any kind of sweetener, is two to three teaspoons of Dried Goji Berries; after washing the Goji Berries with Cold Water, I then add them into the bottom of the Mug; one Tea Bag "Elderberry Healer TeaBag," then Pour in the Tea Water, Stir, and Enjoy.

Health Coach Irene Jones

What Is Elderberry?

For more information, Click Here.

Elderberry Health Benefits

For more information, Click Here.

Evening Prayer

My Dad always said to me growing up, "Pray without Ceasing."He was telling me you do not ever stop saying Prayers to God. Ceasing means "bring or come to an end."

My Evening Prayer is sweet and straightforward. Anyone can go before God with a Prayer. If it is your first Prayer to God, let me know in the comment section at the bottom of this page. Thanks! Health Coach Irene Jones

Note: Anyone can say a "Prayer" and go before God. You do not need to be a Preacher or anyone from a Church Staff to be a person that prays. Prayer is for anyone and everyone. *If you do not have a Bible, mostly (most times), you can buy one at any local Book Store.*

Holy Bible

The Book of Psalms

Psalms 5:1

"Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation."


Start with most times:

God, or Our Father

Then you talk to God in the same manner, I am speaking to you.

Address your concerns and ask God for his help and guidance.

Then, recite the scripture Psalms 5:1, "Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation." and end the Prayer with Amen.

Health Coach Irene Jones

Episode 5 with Susie Larson

Living Wellness Live, Episode 5 with Susie Larson

Encouragement, Inspiration, and Motivation

Author: Susie Larson

Book: Fully Alive

Inspiration, God's Love, God's Works, and God's Miracles

Susie Larson speaks about her experiences and gives powerful prayers to consider praying and encouragement to ask God for help and talk to him

Author of Book Titled: Fully Alive

Book About: God's Help and Loving Perspectives

I listened to this book through Audible the day I sign-up to be a

Premium Member, which makes it's the first book


By Susie Larson

From: Fully Alive

Pray for a Miracle - God's Desire to Restore You

"You are the God that performs Miracles, and you are working wonders in me with all my heart. I believe you intend to restore my soul open my eyes so I can see you move in my mist. I believe you are doing a new thing in me. I want to participate with you in my healing process. May my life be a breathing living testimony of your working power awaken fresh life into me in Jesus Mighty Name. I Pray Amen

John 14:12

" Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

Health Coach Irene Jones

God "can" do a Miracle over and over and over again. He can do all things; he is waiting on us to talk to him through Prayer.

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