Tuesday Morning Tea

Today is the last Tuesday of this month, April. During the spring month, tea is a drink that can bring in a little cheer. Iced tea or hot tea. Fresh tea when you open the bag to spoon into a cup most times have a pleasant smelling aroma that gives you that "cheer of spring."

This Tea is Made with added spices in India named "Masala Chai"

Traditional Indian - Style Tea called "Thai Chai Tea"

Health Benefits of "Masala Chai" includes high antioxidant properties.

What is Thai Chai Tea? "is a delicious blend of black tea and Thai spices plus lemongrass, ginger, and just the right touch of cinnamon."

For more information about this tea Click Here.

Did you try this Loose Leaf Tea?

Do you like this kind of spiced tea?

When do you have this kind of tea Morning Tea or Afternoon Tea?

What do you add to enjoy your cup of tea?

Let us know in the "comment section" at the bottom of this page.

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