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Tuesday Morning Tea

Dark Chocolate is known for having health benefits.

Many times you may have a taste for Chocolate but don't want to eat candy.

Here is another way to enjoy what many people like "Chocolate."

Have you tasted Herbal Chocolate Chai Tea?

Where can you get Herbal Chocolate Chai Tea?

It is Tuesday Morning Tea and I would like to suggest this Tea for you to try.

If you like Chocolate. You may like this tea. You may consider adding it to your pantry.

Herbal Chocolate Chai Tea For more information Click Here

This Herbal Tea does have nutrition that you can add into your breakfast meal.

The breakfast menu is not specific. This Tea can be added even to Lunch or Dinner.

The base of this tea is Rooibos.

" Rooibos doesn’t come from a tea plant, but from the rooibos plant, a broom-like legume found in South Africa’s shrubland. Brewed with hot water this tisane has been consumed for thousands of years in South Africa and it’s neighboring countries, and was an important item of trade throughout the continent."