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Tuesday Morning Tea

Cooking with Bitter Melon Tea. How?

Learn with Health Coach Irene Jones

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tuesday Morning Tea

Hello Everyone,

I did not post the Tuesday Tea before noon because I have an evening suggestion for the Tuesday Tea. Nutrition Irene Jones

Today's tea for you to consider trying is called Bitter Melon. This tea comes in Teabag form and is sold in most Health Food Stores. In addition, I have a Dinner Recipe for you to consider trying.

Health Coach Irene Jones

Healthy nutrition for developing a more healthy eating pattern and Lifestyle with high protein and fresh herbs and spices

Melon Lemon Marinated

by Irene Jones


Buddha Tea Organic Bitter Melon

2-3 Teabags 2 Cups of Bitter Melon Tea

1 Cup of White Vinegar

3 Fresh Thyme Leaves (do not remove from the stem)

2 -3 Dried Vegetable Black Garlic Gloves (crushed)