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Date Water

Health Coach Irene Jones

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Topic: Water

Today is the first day of Summer, Sunday, June 20, 2021. During this time especially, significant individuals of all ages drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid getting hydrated. However, many may have heard no; I wouldn't say I like to drink water because it has no taste.

I have a suggestion for you to try. For those who do not drink water because it has "no taste." You may consider trying Date Water.

Dates have several health benefits. For example, dates have a slightly sweet taste and or healthy for you. For more information on Dates health benefits, Click Here.

How To Make Date Water?

Nyonya Cooking

"Date water is a simple infused drink which has tons of health benefits for both men and women. Soaking dates in water softens them making it easier for its sweetness to be released." Nyonya

"Dates are known to be a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals."

There are several dates; I used Medjool Dates. Nyonya Cooking

For more information on Medjool Dates, Click Here.

Date Water

Servings: 2

by Nyonya Cooking


7 date(s)

500 ml water

Steps To Prepare:

Step 1

  • 7 date(s) 500 ml water

Bring water to boil. Then, let it cool slightly. Meanwhile, remove seeds from dates. Add dates and water into a container or bottle and cover with a lid. Allow water to sit at room temperature for at least 8 to 12 hours.

Step 2

Optionally, blend the dates until fine. Recommended serving the drink with ice cubes.

Date Water for Babies and Toddlers

Dates are extremely nutritious for babies and toddlers. It is safe to be consumed by babies above 6 months and toddlers. Ensure that dates are fully blended (as shown in step 2) and sieve the drink before serving it to babies. You do not want to have chunks of dates flesh which could pose a danger to babies. Nyonya Cooking

Additional Sweetener

The drink is naturally sweet. If you want it to be a little sweeter, stir in a teaspoon of honey. It might affect the flavour of the drink depending on the type of honey used. Personally, we love mild honey like the classic Acacia as the taste of dates is simply so delicious and we didn't want to alter it. Nyonya Cooking

How Long can Date Water be Kept?

Date water can be kept for up to 2 days after infusing provided that the drink is refrigerated. Keeping the drink cold slows down the start of the fermentation process. If you are not expecting to drink alcohol, avoid date water which has been kept for too long.

Nyonya Cooking

Families, Parents, Breastfeeding Moms:

Can a Parent of a baby, toddler or Preschooler give their child date water?

Yes, Date Water for babies, toddlers and Preschoolers

The drink is naturally sweet from research done; it is okay for babies and toddlers. If you are not sure you want to give your child date water, give that child water. You decide. If you're going to give your child date water or just water, you are the child's parent. You decide.

Health Coach Irene Jones

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

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